Basic Nespresso Mocha

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Sometimes when you are cold and tired and a bit grumpy, a coffee on its own just isn’t enough, even if it is a Nespresso coffee made with a Krups Pixie. Sometimes you need something sweet and hot and chocolately with a coffee kick to boot. What you need is a Nespresso Mocha. But you can’t just have any chocolate! It would be sacrilegious to use anything but a top quality cocoa.

This is a no frills, quick and dirty Nespresso Mocha

Basic Nespresso Mocha

Serves 1

Ingredients for Nespresso Mocha

1 coffee capsule
2 x teaspoons cocoa (I’ve used Green & Blacks)
1 x teaspoon sugar
300ml milk (I’ve used semi-skimmed but you vcould use full fat for a richer drink)


1. Heat milk in a pan (or microwave if you prefer), reserving a drop in the bottom of your mug.

Nespresso Mocha Heating the Milk

 2. Put the cocoa into the mug along with the sugar.

Green & Blacks Cocoa for Nespresso Mocha

Adding Sugar to the Nespresso Mocha Coffee

 3. Mix into a paste.

Cocoa paste

 4. Once the milk has reached boiling point, pour into the mug and mix in the paste.

Boiling milk

Pouring hot milk

  5. Add a Nespresso espresso to your hot chocolate.

Krups Pixie making Coffee to make the Mocha

 6. Stir the coffee and hot chocolate well.

Stir coffee and chocolate well

 7. Enjoy!

Finished Nespresso Mocha - Enjoy!

Nespresso Krups Pixie from Amazon

Nespresso by Krups Pixie

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