Draper Expert 78924 6-Piece Precision Screwdriver Set Review

This is a short review of my Draper Expert 78924 6-Piece Soft-Grip Precision Screwdriver Set.  I’m often opening up expensive and delicate equipment such as laptops, servers, games consoles. Having a quality set of precision screwdrivers makes the job much easier and causes far less damage to the equipment and screw heads than cheaper, lower quality screwdrivers.

Draper Expert  78924 Precision Screw Drivers

Before I bought these I had another two sets of precision screwdrivers, one similar set that were purchased from Home Base. The handles on the Home Base own brand were reasonably good but the screwdrivers tip actually became damaged  when undoing screws, almost as if the metal the screwdrivers were made off was too soft. To make matters worse, the screwdrivers also shredded and damaged the screw heads on my expensive equipment. Overall these were a waste of money.

I also had a set of those quite common silver, very thin precision screwdrivers.  The screw tips were much better but the handles were so thin that its impossible to get any torque through them, making the job fiddly and also painful on your hands and fingers.

So, sick of both sets of screwdrivers I decided to spend a bit more on a higher quality brand and settled on this Draper Expert set, and I was not disappointed!

Using the Draper Expert Precision Screwdrivers on a laptopDraper Expert 78924 Precision Screw Drivers

The screwdrivers are Steel, satin chrome blades with black tips.

They come in a sturdy plastic box which contains:

  • 3 x 40mm Plain slot screwdrivers; 1.5, 2.0, 3.0mm
  • 2 x 40mm Cross slot screwdrivers; No.00, No.0.
  • 1 x 40mm PZ Type screwdrivers; No.1.

The handles are a good size, so these are more or less as comfortable as using a full sized screwdriver.  The soft-grip handles allow you to apply a lot of pressure and power comfortably without risk of losing your grip.  Once you have loosened the screw the revolving tops make easy work of the rest of the task.

I’ve used these a lot already having owned them for about a year, no damage to the tips yet and no damaged screw heads.

If  you work on expensive or awkward kit and need a set of precision drivers, look no further, buy these!

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