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December 29, 2013 1 Comment

I’ve recently had to move my computer into a new hutch which does not have as much space as my old one and I needed a set of speakers that provided good quality sound, but did not require a bulky power supply.

I already had a set of USB powered HP speakers, but they were disappointing in build and audio quality. The audio was delivered by a poor quality 3.5mm jack and because of this they constantly produced an annoying hiss. Rabbits have very sensitive hearing and the constant hiss was very frustrating.

So I upgraded to these Logitech S150 USB Digital Speakers and I’m very pleased with them.  Here is the box they come in:

Logitech S-50 USB Digital Speakers Box

I’m using Windows 7 and these Logitech speakers required no effort to install, simply connect them to a spare USB socket and that is all there is to it.

There are three buttons on the front of one of the speakers.  Two of these buttons turn the volume up or down and the third button provides a convenient way to quickly mute the speakers.  These buttons actually control the volume setting in Windows.

The sound quality, for a compact set of speakers it is actually very good.  There is not a great deal of bass and some music videos may come across as  sounding a bit tinny. But overall they cannot be faulted – especially at this price point.  The sound produced by the speakers is vastly superior to the sound that you would get from almost any laptop.

One point that I really like is when the speakers are not active they are completely silent as they have a purely digital audio connection to your computer via USB.  Windows detects them as a USB Audio device and configured them as the default playback device on my system:

Logitech S150 USB Digital Speakers as a Windows USB Audio Device

If you are planning on connecting your smartphone or media player to the Logitech S150 USB Digital Speakers they will not be suitable.  These are only any good if you are using a desktop computer or laptop as there is no 3.5mm jack.

The speakers are a nice size, and stand at around 16cm tall.

Logitech S150 USB Digital Speakers (Left Speaker)


The Logitech S150 USB Digital Speakers also come with a handy little soft Velcro fastening pouch which would be very useful if you were planning to travel with them.

Overall these speakers are highly recommended if you are looking for something compact, with decent sound quality that are very easy to install!


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