Review of White Rabbit England Rabbit Lamp

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One day I was given a box and inside was a wonderful surprise! I’d had my eye on one of these White Rabbit England Ceramic Lights for a while but could not really justify buying it for myself, so when my man gifted it to me out of the blue, I was thrilled!

White Rabbit England Rabbit Lamp

What’s in the box?

A white, ceramic rabbit lamp. The rabbit is hollow and made  from bone china. A light fitting screws into a hole in the bottom. The base of the rabbit has a little notch in the mould  in which the cable sits to ensure the rabbit rests level on the table. The cable is approx 175cm long with an on off switch about 3/4 of the way along and comes with a detachable plug. It seems the bulb is particular to the product, it’s a 0.5w SES LED which gives off a soft orange coloured light. Some retail outlets, such as John Lewis, sell the lamp with a spare bulb included. My rabbit came from FAB and did not include a spare bulb.

White Rabbit England Night Light Gallery


The rabbit lamp is made in the United Kingdom by White Rabbit England, a company set up by two sisters that had a beloved white pet rabbit called Harvey as children. They also sell other  lamps in the form of owls, hedgehogs, cats and toadstool along with matching bedding and furniture.


This lamp is beautifully made and the styling is wonderful with the rabbit sitting on its hind legs and cleaning its ears. There are many “look-a-like” white rabbit lamps available on the market at a fraction of the cost but these really cannot compare with the simple beauty and quality of this White Rabbit lamp.

White Rabbit Lamp by White Rabbit England

Lulu and Olivander Checking out the White Rabbit Night Light – They like it!

Who’s it for?

The white rabbit light is primarily marketed as a child’s night light but also has an appeal to adults that like unusual and whimsical items or simply have a love of all things bunny! I initially wondered whether a ceramic lamp would be safe in a child’s room in case it smashed but I suppose as long as it’s placed on a stable surface that is not likely to get knocked or bumped into, it’s probably fine. Despite being made of bone china, it does seem very sturdy and probably wouldn’t break anyway if it feel onto a carpeted floor.

Are night lights safe?

Personally, I would not buy this product for my children as a night light since it’s now considered unhealthy for people, particularly children, to sleep with any kind of artificial light on in the room since it can lower the child’s immune system and cause other health problems. It’s best for children and adults alike to sleep in a room that’s as dark as possible.
I would use this as a bedside lamp or even just to create a pleasant ambiance in a room. And of course, when it’s not fulfilling its duty as a lamp, it’s a lovely object in itself.

Lulu Says

Like all rabbits, I just love chewing things especially electric cables. Please keep me safe and away from all live wires so that I don’t cause damage or more seriously,  chew through them and electrocute myself!

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White Rabbit England Night Light from Amazon



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