The Father’s Day Gift Dilemma

June 7, 2013 No Comments

On Sunday 16th June it’s Father’s Day. Every year I have the same problem…what shall I get my Dad for father’s day? What is the perfect Father’s day gift? Obviously, if he was a coffee drinker, and I was feeling very generous, I could get him a Nespresso Pixie, or maybe even a pack of Nespresso Capsules.


Father Setting A Good ExampleOf course, the answer to my dilemma was just a phone call away – to my mother. She informed me that he needed a new compass since he dropped his on a rock and smashed it. This does not surprise me in the least (see photo). My parents love hiking and going on long walks. Very often however, much to my mother’s annoyance, my Dad likes to take detours when it takes his fancy, often getting lost in the process. He has finally come to the realization, although never openly admitting it, that his natural sense of direction isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and now, for the sake of marital harmony, will always take a compass on long walks.

Silva CompassI checked on Amazon, read through some reviews and settled on a Silva Field Compass
. If he manages not to break it within a few minutes of opening the pack, perhaps I’ll be able to get some feedback from him about the compass and share it with you.

For future reference: Father’s Day is Sunday 15th June in 2014 and unlike Mother’s day, it shares the same date in both the USA & Europe.

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